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The Best & Easiest Way to Get Excellent Proofreading and Editing Services, Now !

Proofreaders Plus - Services 

Proofreading and Editing Services  

We provide top quality, professional Proofreading & Editing of your documents & word files, for excellent flow, grammar, spelling, style, structure & impact. We consistently deliver the completed & improved files to you by email, to meet your stated deadlines. Your documents will be safely handled, & with 100% confidentiality, 100% guarantee & 100% care. Order now, we’ve made it simple, easy & fast. Click here to visit our Proofreader Plus page - for your choices, price quotes & payments, based on your timeline & other preferences. It only takes a short moment to complete your order. We will get started on your order, right away. Order at anytime - 24hrs./day, 7days/week ! 

Email us: [email protected]    or Email:  [email protected] 


Prices, Timelines & Price-Quotes

Choose Your Combined Proofreading & General Editing Price Quotes:


1.  Word Count: Enter Your  Document's Total Word Count:   _______________________  Words


(Total price calculations are based on the requested timeline & speed, as well the total word count. 

Pricing blocks are in 250 word-group increments, & any extra words are rounded up to the next, higher number of word-grouping block.)


2. Delivery Timeline:  How Soon Do You Require Your Finished Document, Delivered? 

 (Our services are available 7 days a week, starting  after we have received your documents & Payment. ) 

Please choose your Delivery Timeline: 

  • 8 Days & more ($15.99 per 250 words)
  • 7 Days      ($16.99 per 250 words)
  • 72 Hours  ($17.99 per 250 words)
  • 48 Hours  ($18.50 per 250 words)
  • 36 Hours  ($20.50 per 250 words)
  • 24 Hours  ($20.50 per 250 words)
  • 12 Hours  ($22.50 per 250 words)
  • 6 Hours    ($25.99 per 250 words)
  • 3 Hours    ($28.99 per 250 words)                                                                                                         * Please Note:  Volume Discounts may be Available for very Large, Word Files,  e.g. Book-Manuscripts or other Bulk Documents.  Contact us to inquire, & to receive your Discounted Price Quote; by providing your document's word-count details & the desired timeline, by email to : [email protected]            
  • For  larger documents & manuscripts, longer delivery timelines may be required.

          We've Made It Easy For You !

  • Simply Calculate Your Total Price (using our price guide) 
  • Upload/Download Your Document To Us By Email
  • Make Your Secure Payment &
  •  Choose Your Delivery Timeline ! 
  • Receive Your Finished Document On Time, & 100% Guaranteed !


Our Easy, Price Calculation Formula is:  


Your Total Word Count ÷ 250 words × Delivery Time = Total Payment 

Due & Payable through our verified, Secure Payment Page& with several, secure payment options.


Click Our Secure Payment Link at:    

    * All prices are in U.S. Dollars (US$) & any relevant taxes are already included. 



Our Simplified Process For Price Quotes, Payment, Delivery 

 & Our Guarantees: 

We have simplified the process for our clients, to ensure higher efficiency & professional excellence:


1.  Simply enter the Total Word Count for your Original document (or have us do the counting for you).

2.  Select your preferred Turn-around / Delivery Time for the completed document or work order to be returned to you; as the required speed may have some impact on the prices.

3.  Calculate your Total Payment Due, for the full document(s) & adjust the preferred turn-around time, if necessary. The Price quote is based on your: Total Word-count, divided by 250 (word blocks) & then multiplied by the price category for the chosen, Turn-around/Delivery time (any extra words are to be rounded up to the next, higher price level).

       [Price  =  Total Word Count  ÷  250 words  ×  Delivery Time  =  Total Payment Due.] 

                  All prices are in U.S. Dollars (US$) & the relevant taxes are already included.

   Volume Discounts: Price Discounts may be available for Very Large Documents, Book Manuscripts etc. Please contact us by email, describing the size & general word-count of such large documents, and we will provide a written quote for the Discount price, if applicable. You will then be able to proceed with the upload or submission of your word documents & make the Discounted Payment, for your special, large volume order. Email: [email protected]  or [email protected] 

4.  Make Your Payment Securelyby choosing any of the accepted payment options that are offered on our Secure Payment Page:  e.g. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Debit card, Interac or Bank e-Transfer. [Click this Secure link for the Acceptable & Secure Payment  Methods: ]       

Payment Link:  

5. Send or Upload your Word Document / file to us by email, & include your name, email address & the amount you have paid, in your cover letter/text; along with the digital file Attachment or Word Document. (PDF files may be acceptable too, but their conversion into editable formats, may slow down the delivery time.) Email to:[email protected]  or [email protected]            Please  Note: You will be advised (in advance) if any price calculation discrepancy is found, after we have received your document, your instructions & the full payment. You will be notified by email within 24hours, as soon as those items are received by us.

6. Our highly professional Proofreaders & Editors will carefully review your document, make the necessary editing corrections, & also track any changes made to the original document. We will then email the finished & professionally completed document back to you, within the stated Turn-around Time or Deadline. Reasonable adjustments & ‘tweaks’ to the finished documents can later be made, & at no extra cost, for our clients.

7. Our No-Surprise Guarantees: Please note that a thorough but general editing service is offered & included, along with our professional proofreading service. However, if a more Intensive Editing service or a Specialized Editing style is required, we would be happy to provide an additional price quote for that (in advance). Additional payment would be required however, to cover that specialized service; along with standard payment for the original order.

We also offer our 100% Guarantees that your documents will be very carefully handled with: 100% Confidentiality, 100% Quality service & 100% Professionalism.



Other Services Are Also Available: 

We offer a variety of top-quality, professional services for: Authors, Academics, Students, Businesses, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Writers etc. 

Please check out our other services on the Homepage.


To Contact Us:  Proofreaders Plus  - A Division of J. Mayers Group - Publishing

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