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Joké  L. Mayers - Storyteller,  Author &  Performer  

Joké  Mayers ​ is a dynamic and versatile Storyteller & Author. 

She has a richly Multicultural repertoire, that is often reflected in her stories and performances.  

Performing to large & small audiences with great enthusiasm,  she is a truly enjoyable entertainer, speaker & trainer for all ages groups; with her multi-generational storytelling skills, delightful appeal and appropriate language . 

Joké L. Mayers

Joké  Mayers - Storyteller, Author & Performer.

As a Multicultural Storyteller specializing in Folk Tales from Africa, The Caribbean & other regions; Joké  Mayers performs to large & small audiences, with great enthusiasm.

She is a truly enjoyable entertainer & performer for all age groups; with her multi-generational storytelling skills, delightful appeal, and language appropriateness.

She also leads Seminars, Workshops & Classes for other Storytellers & emerging talents in the field.

Performance Bookings:

Joké  Mayers is available for Performance Bookings for a wide variety of audiences, including but not limited to: Children, Schools,  Universities, Adults, Seniors, Business groups, Organizations, Social groups, Cultural & Heritage organizations, Conventions, Vacation groups, Cruise ship, and other audiences.

Contact us with details about your own booking requests & for the available dates & rates:

Email: [email protected]   


Storyteller Workshops & Training Seminars:  

Inquire or See Details Below.


Tales By Moonlight Show. -  Featuring Multicultural Storytellers.

TALES BY MOONLIGHT Show - Featuring Entertaining, Multi-Cultural Storyteller(s).

Exciting Entertainment for Everyone. Great Family Fun, Suitable for All Ages. Rated G.

Listen, Laugh, Sing-along & be Entertained by an Excellent, Multi-Cultural Storyteller(s). 

Next Shows & Dates : TBA 


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Storyteller Workshops & Training Seminars : Effective Storytelling Masterclass. 

Storyteller Workshops & Training Modules For - Teachers, Educators, Leaders  & Performers

- Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Learners 

- Public Speakers, Entertainers & Performers 

Storyteller Training for these specialized fields are coming soon.


Email us to Join our Wait-list, indicating your interest in any (or all) of these upcoming Seminars. You will be contacted with the relevant Dates & other details, which are based on class sizes.  

Email: [email protected]   Thank you !   


Effective Storytelling Masterclass. - Accelerated Training For Business Professionals, Leaders & Entrepreneurs.     

Trainer : Joké  Mayers 

Place: Greater Victoria Public Library - Juan de Fuca Branch. 1759 Island Hwy. Victoria, BC.  (West Shore Rec. Centre Complex)

Date: (Past Event) *   A full & accelerated Training Program with varied Modules.  

 *Fee may include a light Lunch, Snacks & Beverages. Very small class size & limited tickets. 


Under The African Moon  – Short Tales That Teach Good Values.  $10. (US$)   

This & other eBooks are available for Download Now at :   

Under The African Moon

– Short Tales That Teach Good Values.  $10. (US$)

This & other eBooks available for Download Now  at :   or   

About the Author - Joké L. Mayers

Joké L. Mayers is a brilliant storyteller, biographer, poet, and published author of several books and multiple other publications.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Africa, she has lived in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for decades.

She is also a mother, teacher, public speaker, and entrepreneur; who fills this volume with beautiful and colorful stories, to enrich the mind.

Paying tribute to the past, while re-telling these tales to benefit present-day readers, the heart-warming and thought-provoking tales speak to the young soul in each of us.

The good values, excellent lessons, and human sentiments are familiar, because they are truly appealing to the heart. The stories strengthen and clarify the distinctions between what is universally right and wrong. They also end with easy but thought-provoking questions, for young minds to answer.

When these simple stories, which extol the benefits of good character and higher values are no longer being told to the young; the whole world would indeed suffer the loss.

“A young mind is precious and truly a terrible thing to waste!”

                           - Joké L. Mayers

This & other eBooks are available for Download Now at: 


 Storyteller Events

Happenings you shouldn't miss !   Future Event Dates Will Be Announced. 

Past Event


Effective Storytelling Masterclass. - Accelerated Training For Business Professionals, Leaders & Entrepreneurs.   Featuring: Joké  Mayers

G.V.Public Library - Juan de Fuca Branch (Westshore Rec. Complex)1759 Island Hwy. Victoria, BC. 10:30 am to 4 pm. Light lunch, snacks & beverages included. $335.0 per person (includes tax)Save $35 Now!  Tickets are $300. each, for Early Bird or by eTransfer Payments. Order Online:  (Storytelling Masterclass - Victoria, BC); by eTransfer to:   Email:  [email protected] 

(Past Event.)

Per Ticket

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Fri. Nov 9


Tales By Moonlight.  - Show Featuring Joké  Mayers

EMCS Theatre,  6812 Sooke Rd, Sooke , BC.  6pm to 7pm

(Past Event.) $20 - $25

Per Ticket .

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Past Event


Esquimalt  Story Festival  - Featuring  Joké  Mayers

Esquimalt Memorial Park, Victoria, BC.  10:30am to 1pm


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